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TMI Action's sexual harassment prevention workshops provide your organization with the tools and conversations you need to create a safe & healthy working environment

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshops


TMI Action was founded to provide world-class sexual harassment prevention training to the workplace — whether a college campus, a national forest, or for those that live and play in the great outdoors. 

Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Response Training

We are here to transform your culture.

SMART is a sexual misconduct prevention workshop created for employees. We educate participants on their rights and responsibilities and encourage them to challenge inappropriate cultural norms and express their personal boundaries. Our interactive approach demonstrates how these issues play out in the workplace, and gives participants the tools they need to address these problems.

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Lead Clear vision and communication for the future

We have the hard conversations, challenge beliefs and make a real difference at your workplace.

Lead is an sexual harassment prevention workshop  created for supervisors and managers. Organizational leaders have the unique opportunity and responsibility to create a culture of respect and collaboration. TMI Action educates supervisors on setting expectations, inspiring healthy communication, and addressing inappropriate workplace behavior. Our interactive approach challenges management teams to evolve their leadership.

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Workplace respect impacts everyone

We train your employees to recognize, intervene, and empathize with targets of harassment

Spark is a comprehensive bystander intervention training workshop that will inspire all employees to use their voice to promote a culture of respect. With the right spark you can increase awareness, improve company morale, disrupt harassment in progress, help survivors report, and employees post-harassment.

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Our Workshops are Comprehensive and Complete

We meet and exceed these requirements:

  • Civil Rights Act, Title VII
  • No FEAR Act
  • Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Education Amendments Act, Title IX
  • Clery Act
  • Campus SaVE Act
  • American Disability Act, Title II
  • Rehabilitation Act, Sections 503 and 504
  • Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Delivery Methods

TMI Action provides workshops in two ways:

In-Person: Training onsite at your location. Our instructors lead course modules, while your organization provides the facilities. Travel expenses will include travel time and governmental per diem rates for lodging and meals. Requests for in-person training must be made 4 weeks in advance of desired training date.

Live Virtual: Training in a virtual classroom (webinar). Join a TMI Action facilitator on a virtual platform. You and your team must be located in the same training room. Requests for virtual training must be made 3 weeks in advance of desired training date.