TMI Action

We offer anti-harassment and diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops, custom consulting and large-venue speaking engagements.


… is a comprehensive sexual harassment prevention workshop for employees on college campuses, corporate workplaces, and governmental agencies.

… addresses diversity, equity, inclusion and positionality to create healthy working and living environments for everyone – students, staff, faculty, employees, supervisors, and managers.

… is a sexual harassment prevention workshop for supervisors and organizational leaders in college, corporate, and governmental agencies.

… reinforces appropriate behavior, discusses drugs, alcohol, and consent, boundaries and inter-personal relationships, ideal for students or those that conduct business outside of normal work hours and locations.

We understand every work environment is different and unique, which is why we tailored workshops to the industries listed above.

We want to help you create a healthy and safe work environment, that Transforms culture, Motivates action, and Inspires individuals. Contact us today!

“What’s needed isn’t change; it is transformation.

Change seeks different solutions to intractable problems. Transformation asks different questions so that we can see the problems in a new light.”


We offer on-site consulting, specifically focused on your company and industry, that evaluates the most effective approach for correct response, awareness, and prevention of sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination. We accomplish these goals through devising communication methods, safety plans, policy changes, and variety of active workplace responses that address your specific needs.

Consultation service can include:

  • A comprehensive workplace communication program
  • A detailed workplace safety and action plan
  • Identification of internal/external crisis, advocacy and reporting resources
  • Building an agency or company response team
  • Implementing a workplace violence immediate response checklist


We can create a safe place for hard conversations, and engage your organization at a real and practical level.

Our founder, Aili Johnston is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is energetic, articulate and an expert in her field. She has spoken to diverse audiences over the last 5 years – from her local chamber of commerce to medium-sized local businesses to large-scale government agencies, through both public seminars and corporate and agency on-site training and coaching.

While presentations are always tailored to a given audience, past topics have included:

Recent audiences include:

The Nature Conservancy: TREX events
The Association of Fire Ecology Conference

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM):
Mid-Willamette Valley Chapter