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Now™ workshops harness the power of diversity in creating an engaged, motivated workplace, organization, or community.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Workshops

Why Now?

A healthy workplace is the FOUNDATION for a successful company, one which rocks the market with innovation, creativity and sales, and one in which people want to work.  A recent survey of millennials found that over 40% wanted to work for Google, a company with a reputation for attracting a young, diverse workforce and treating them well.  At TMI Action, we know how to create healthy work environments, one where individuals feel valued, respected, and motivated. Our NOW workshops provide participants the tools and the safe space to learn and practice skills essential ensuring that your team is ready for maximum contribution and commitment to workplace goals.

Now Workshops provide interactive learning opportunities and promotes active listening and empathetic communication skills, to create teams that know how to take action. When your team strives for inclusive excellence, it creates a healthy work environment, addresses and reduces micro aggressions, and contributes to the hiring and retaining of a diverse workplace.

Now is an educational workshop developed using the Adult Learning Theory to fully engage participants and is based on the Socio-Ecological model to challenge and change behavior.


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Now Workplaces…

was developed for corporate, governmental, and university employees and supervisors. We all need a better understanding of how to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace for everyone to develop and flourish.

– U.S. Forest Service, Oregon, 2017

“The information was relevant, new, and applicable to our jobs. The [Now] workshop did a great job of mixing up group conversations, experiences, and various activities so we were able to learn from one another.”

Delivery Methods

Now is designed to meet your organization’s unique needs

TMI Action provides Now workshops two ways:

In-Person: Training onsite at your location. Our instructors lead course modules, while your organization provides the facilities. Travel expenses will include travel time and governmental per diem rates for lodging and meals. Requests for in-person training must be made 4 weeks in advance of desired training date.

Live Virtual: Training in a virtual classroom (webinar). Join a TMI Action facilitator on a virtual platform. You and your team must be located in the same training room. Requests for virtual training must be made 3 weeks in advance of desired training date.