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We transform, motivate, and inspire individuals to take ACTION in the workplace.

TMI Action tackles sexual harassment and diversity, equity, and inclusion - serving government agencies, corporate clients, and college campuses. Our proven workshops, comprehensive consulting, and inspiring speaking engagements motivate participants to question the status quo, voice their boundaries, and embrace transformation.

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Our workshops are designed for diverse audiences, giving your organization the skills, conversations and safe space to effectively address sexual harassment and ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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We offer expert consulting that evaluates and implements the most effective approach for heightened awareness, ongoing prevention and response strategies to keep your diverse workforce engaged and productive.

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Aili Johnston, our company founder, has spoken to diverse audiences over the last six years – from the local Chamber of Commerce to large-scale government agencies – she is a dynamic and captivating speaker.

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Participants are saying

  • – Extremely Helpful

    “Aili gave a training last fall. The information was relevant, new, and applicable. The training did a great job of mixing up group conversations, experiences, and various activities. I found the day extremely helpful. Thanks WPH!”

    – U.S. Forest Service, Siuslaw, 2017

  • – Highly Recommended

    “As an HR Manager, I find Aili’s presentations invaluable. She’s engaging and authentic. She encourages the use of humor to ease any tensions. I also appreciate how interactive her presentations are — she requires her attendees to actively participate. Highly recommended.”

    – 2-Towns Cider House, 2018

  • – Important for Liability

    “For supervisors, the role of reporting is important. Ensuring this is well understood is important for liability.”

    – U.S. Forest Service, Vancouver, 2016

  • – Effective and Engaging

    “WPH provides effective and engaging training, uniquely designed to prevent sexual harassment and violence. Having benefited from their services, I’ve gained greater understanding of how to become an advocate on behalf of myself and others to promote awareness and prevention.”

    – The Nature Conservancy, 2017

  • – Interactive, Educational, and Inspiring

    “I have taken a version of sexual harassment training each year in my five years with the Forest Service. [The SMART®] class was by far the most interactive, educational and inspiring class I have taken.”

    – U.S. Forest Service, Naches, 2016

  • – Improve Workplace Culture & Safety

    “I appreciated Aili Johnston’s focus on preventing harassment and sexual violence before it occurs. Johnston cultivated a safe environment where people felt comfortable speaking. I highly recommend hiring WPH and believe the training will help improve workplace culture and safety.”

    – Oregon State University, 2018

The Scope of the Problem…

“Goodwill Greater East Bay and the nonprofit affiliate it created to help give people job training will pay $850,000 to eight former and current employees to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit.”

“The most effective training, researchers say, is at least four hours, in person, interactive, and tailored for the particular workplace.  It’s best if done by the employees’ supervisor or an external expert (not an H.R. official with no direct oversight).”

“In FY2017, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) legal staff resolved 109 merits lawsuits for a total monetary recovery of $42.4 million and achieved a favorable result in 91 percent of all district court resolutions.”

“Studies suggest that between 40-70% of women and between 10-20% of men have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. 62% of the women targeted took no action.”

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